dec 14 - 2021

Video Conferencing Installation in Maryland

Now more than ever it's important to have video conferencing capabilities for your business. Having a professionally installed conferencing system can help you avoid bad connections and frustrations with your video calls.

Video conferencing has been on the rise over the past several years, but exploded with the emergence of the Coronavirus. Since then, more and more businesses are looking to update or install new video conferencing systems in their offices.

As video conferencing becomes the new norm for meeting and presenting, businesses can no longer function with subpar technology. 

Now is the time for businesses to address the video conferencing technology in their offices, conference rooms and boardrooms. And we are here to help. In this article we will discuss all the AV solutions your business may want to consider, the installation process and other considerations when having new video conferencing equipment installed in your office. Of course you can always reach out if you have specific questions.


Considerations for video conferencing

“Can you hear me now?” “Hold on your video is cutting in and out” “I’m sorry you’re breaking up.” “Hey it’s Joe I’m here too, can you hear me?” - We’ve all been part of a bad video call. Sometimes it’s user error, other times it’s just a bad connection, and sometimes technology just breaks down. 

But when we plan accordingly, and begin with the right solutions in mind, we can mitigate many of the problems that business face which lead to bad video conferencing experiences. 

Here are a few things you should think about before installing video conferencing equipment:

  • Sound quality
  • Connection / Wireless presentation
  • User friendliness and ease of use
  • Functionality

The last thing you want is for your team members or yourself to be frustrated every time you attempt a video conference in the office. You want to have a seamless experience with every video call. 

As you explore different solutions, don’t forget to consider the experience you’ll have. 


The Different Web Conferencing Solutions

Web conferencing is the ability to meet or present digitally with clients, prospects and team members in different locations. When we say “web conferencing” many individuals think internet and video screen. Not much else is considered. But when thinking about a web conferencing solution for your business there’s actually quite a lot that you should consider.

  • Web conferencing software
  • Wireless network installation, integration and extension
    • Does the room have a strong and stable internet connection?
  • Quality Visual display
    • Are the monitors and cameras installed in a way that everyone (in the room and those digitally) can adequately see each other?
  • Quality sound design 
    • Is the sound quality good for all parties? Are there quality microphones so the digital parties can hear everyone in the room and is there a well designed speaker system so those in the conference room can hear the digital parties without feedback?
  • Sound Masking
    • Should the conversations from the web conferences be masked for privacy or to avoid office distractions?
  • Structured Cabling
    • Part of instaling video conferencing systems is to ensure that everything is organized and clutter free.


The Video Conferencing Installation Process

When it comes to video conferencing installation you want the job done right the first time. Organizations don’t want to run into technical issues down the line so they often opt to hire a professional AV installer

When a professional installs your web conferencing systems it simplifies the process for you and with little interference with your daily operations. Processionals often have a process that ensures quality video conferencing with great functionality.

Here’s the installation process we follow:

  • The Initial Consultation

Before we do anything, we need to hear our clients needs first. We provide an idea of the scope of work so that all parties are on the same page. 

  • The Design

For brand new installation jobs or updates, we help our clients design the system for the best experience. The design will address the best way to use the systems for the optimal results.

  • Speaker, microphone, monitor and other equipment placement
  • Testing network strength and assessing if an extender is necessary
  • Ensuring the best technology for functionality sake is used
  • Etc.

As the professionals, it is our responsibility to ensure that the foundation is laid well so that once the systems are installed, they function at their optimal performance.

  • Installation

When it comes to installing the conferencing equipment, our team handles it all. We setup and test equipment to ensure things are functioning properly. We also structure the cabling to keep the space neat and clutter-free. 

  • Maintenance and Future Upgrades

Of course no matter how well an installation job is done, accidents happen and technology can grow obsolete. If an employee breaks a piece of equipment, there’s a change in internet providers and equipment needs to be reconnected, a power outage resets the systems, etc. We make ourselves available for maintenance, repairs and upgrades. 

For our clients the process is simple. With some of your insights into what you are looking for, we help them achieve their desired conferencing room setup. 

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