feb 16 - 2023

Is it time to Upgrade Your Office’s Network Cabling Infrastructure?

Gain faster network speeds, improved security and meet the demands of future business needs with improved network cabling.

As technology has advanced so has our need for faster internet and network communications. Older network infrastructures no longer meet the demands of modern business needs.

Are you frustrated with your internet speeds and ability to use modern technology? Do you wish you had more versatility in your office technology or security systems? Are you planning on investing in more technology but you’re wondering if your current infrastructure can handle it?

If so, then you likely need to update your office's network cabling. 

Upgrading your structured cabling infrastructure can allow for faster internet and upgraded communications technology. We will show you the benefits it can bring to help you decide if it’s worth your investment.


Why Upgrade Structured Cabling

With technological advances, the need to upgrade cabling is an inevitable one. As the need for faster internet speeds grew and video conferencing became the norm, many businesses realized that their current network infrastructures just did not suffice. 

This has led many companies to reach out to structured cabling companies like us at Systcom to improve their network infrastructure. Using updated practices such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) is quickly becoming the norm due to the flexibility and improvement in performance. 

There are many benefits that it can bring.

  • Better Bandwith and Faster Speeds
  • Improved data latency for improved internet usage and download speeds (great for upgrading to systems like VoIP phones) 
  • Handles modern communications needs
  • Universal applications for flexibility
  • More Reliable
  • Better Security
  • More Future Proof  

Technology is advancing faster and faster, but with Cat 6 cabling you can worry less about what the future holds. Upgrading your cabling with Cat 6 cabling is not just for now, it can help support your future needs as well.


Who should consider upgrading their network infrastructure?

Many businesses have already chosen to update their network infrastructure and many more are looking to make the investment as well. For those who are considering it, but want to make sure it’s right for their business, we wanted to discuss some of the common reasons companies end up making the investment.

  • Need to improve internet speeds (and the issue is not with their modem)
  • Making the move to IP (internet protocol) cameras or integrated security systems
  • Upgrading to VoIP phone systems
  • Want to create a scalable network for changing technological needs
  • Need to improve video conferencing communications

Companies can choose to make these updates regardless of their current position. We have clients who want to retrofit their current office and we also have those who are relocating or building from the ground up and want to prepare the new location before their staff moves in.


Ready to Upgrade Your Network Infrastructure?

Whether you’re looking for better video conferencing, faster internet speeds, or enhanced security, upgrading your network infrastructure can help. There is only so much that can be done on older technology and investing in upgrades provide your company with 

If you’re ready to upgrade your cabling in Maryland, then give us a call. We can walk you through the process, and help you understand the benefits. 

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