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Audio Visual Installation and Design

SYSTCOM is a local leader in the design and installation of professional audio/visual systems in the Maryland and Mid-Atlantic region.

Professional AV System and Installation

No matter how big or small your business, a smooth and reliable audiovisual system is crucial to your success. 

Over the years businesses have grown more dependent on technology for communications and everyday business. A reliable AV system can help your business look professional while a poorly installed one can cause frustration and bad communication. 

No matter if it’s a system for simple telecommunication with your team or a fully integrated conference room to impress your clients, having the right design and installation is a necessity.

Complete business av system



Audio Visual Services we offer

Systcom offers a wide range of solutions for your AV needs. Our highly trained technicians have experience in a variety of working environments including education, government arenas and local businesses.

Some of the AV solutions we can help you with:

  • Selecting the right equipment for your needs
  • Web conferencing setup
  • Installation of equipment such as projectors, speakers, amplifiers, control systems, etc.
  • Assistance in design ideas for the best experience
  • Connecting equipment for an integrated experience

Whether it is a business, classroom, conference room or some other venue, you want the job done right the first time! At Systcom we have the tools and experience to ensure the job gets done and it gets done well.



Connected AV Systems


Why Syscom for you AV design and installation needs

We have been serving the technological needs of the Maryland and Mid-Atlantic region for over 30 years and our work speaks for itself. 

We’ve worked in several business environments, both big and small, so we understand the different needs and the best equipment for each situation.

In this digital age, you need a team who can ensure your AV systems are properly installed so there are no frustrations or surprises due to improperly installed equipment. With Systcom you can be confident that your systems will perform exceptionally when it matters the most.

Get in touch to help explore how we can meet your audio and visual needs.



Commercial AV services in Baltimore and the Surrounding Areas

Our office is located in Curtis Bay, MD (southern Baltimore). We provide AV services to businesses in the surrounding areas and throughout the MidAtlantic region. 

No matter if you are a business, school, or public workspace, we can provide you with the audio visual services you need. If you are located in Maryland, Pennsylvania, DC or Northern Virginia, then give us a call.  


Benefits of a professionally designed and installed AV system

  • High-Quality Products

When it comes to audio and visual technology, the choices are endless! Working with a professional installation company can help you cut through the choice overload to purchase the right equipment for the job that will also perform how you expect it to. 

  • Enhanced Communications, Acoustics and Design

Installing audio and visual equipment is more than installing monitors and speakers. It’s important for the sound to be clear and consistent throughout the room, visuals need to be seen from all angles in a room and the design should be clean without cluttered cords hanging for all to see.

  • Ease of Use

The best technology is easy for everyone to use. When designing and installing your AV systems it is important to think about the end-user. Having the right equipment with the right setup can allow for simple and intuitive use. 

  • Hassle-Free and Worry-Free Installation

As a business, you want to focus on money-making activities and not figuring out which wire goes into which port. Working with a professional AV installation company allows you to focus on driving your business while we figure out the best products, the best design and how to connect it all together.

  • Technical Support

When it comes to technology we can all use a little help now and again. Having someone available when you can’t figure out your systems or when something is not working how you expect can be a huge stress relief. With a professional AV company, you will have the necessary support if any issues arise in the future.

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