Comprehensive Safeguarding for Any Location.

Integrated Security Installation

SYSTCOM can support your surveillance requirements whether it’s a single-camera system or a multi-camera campus environment with digital and network video recorder (DVR/NVR) capabilities.

What is Integrated Security?

Traditionally, security systems parts are isolated and function independently. With an integrated security system, each component “talks” to the others allowing them to function together. This means if one system identifies an issue, the rest of the systems will be notified.

With this integrated system of security, you have more control with simpler systems that allow better monitoring of your business.

Bottom line, this means improved security and control over your business.

Outside Security Camera


Security Solutions Available for Your Business

At Systcom, we offer many services to help keep your business safe. Our technicians have experience in a number of commercial environments which allow them to provide the best possible security tools and services.

Here are some of the integrated security solutions we offer

  • Security surveillance camera installation 

    • Single or multiple camera installations

    • Digital and network video recording capabilities

    • CCTV security cameras

    • Motion sensor cameras

  • Security system servicing

  • Access control installation and servicing

  • Intrusion detection installation

With our security systems you will be able to view, record and operate your surveillance system from any location that has internet access. Our technicians will set up your systems with the technology that makes the most sense for your business. 

Have questions or need help identifying if and what security systems you need? Feel free to contact us for a free consultation. 


Why Systcom for Your Commercial Security Needs?

Today’s cameras are becoming more complex and can now be connected using twisted-pair copper, fiber optic cable, or wireless technology. All commercial surveillance and alarm systems should be handled by a professional to ensure proper installation and design. 

At Systcom, we have been providing CCTV surveillance systems and other security services to the Baltimore / Washington metro area for more than 20 years. During that time we have serviced and installed security systems for hospitals, apartment complexes, condominiums, Fortune 500 companies, and private businesses throughout the region. Our team has the knowledge and experience to make sure your business is secure! 

Contact us for all of your business and commercial security installation needs.


Benefits of a Professionally Installed Integrated Security System

  • Improved Security 

Hiring a professional security system installer not only ensure the job is done correctly, but also gives your business the expert insights to install the cameras in the best possible places for best security.

  • Better Integrated systems

One of the most important aspects of your security system is the ability to monitor your business at any time and anywhere. Having a professionally integrated system gives you the ability to monitor in real-time anywhere that has internet access.

  • Better Customizations

Having an expert to install your equipment gives you access to the best equipment with the best customizations. A professional technician allows you to customize your security systems specifically for your needs.

  • Ease of Use

The best part about a professionally installed security system is the ease of use it brings you and your team. Rather than juggling multiple systems, an integrated system allows you to manage your security from one system making it easier to manage and train employees.

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