jul 26 - 2022

Protecting Your Business With Integrated Business Security

Technology has advanced over the years allowing businesses to provide better and more manageable security. One major way to enhance security is by installing an integrated security system.

No matter the size or industry, businesses want to provide protection for their business. There are many commercial security solutions available but what’s best for business? As technology advances and as the tactics of criminals have, it’s important to have an integrated business security system to properly protect your business.

An integrated security system integrates all the various components into a centralized manageable system. This provides ease of management as well as improved security. 

We want businesses to understand the solutions available to them as well as the capabilities of modern business security systems. Once you have the knowledge, it’s up to you to decide what is best for your business.


Benefits of an integrated business security system

Most businesses don’t really know what’s available in terms of security until they sit down and speak with a security expert. Oftentimes, when business owners seek to protect their business their plan is to have a couple of cameras installed. 

It’s important to understand that simply installing a couple of surveillance cameras leaves vulnerabilities and holes in an organization’s security. While this may suffice for some, others would benefit from having an integrated security system. Here is what it would provide them.


Better Security Management and Accessibility

Traditional security systems are controlled and monitored from a stationary point. This means in order to see a security camera you would have to go to wherever it’s being fed/streamed. The same applies for alarms, access control points and any other security measure.

With a modern integrated security system, cameras and other components of a security system can be accessed from a smartphone wherever an individual is. This allows for better management of security when you can assess systems anytime wherever you are.


Improved Risk prevention

An integrated security system provides a business with the means to handle issues as they happen. If there’s a fire, the location can be identified immediately. Was there a snatch and grab attempt? Doors can be locked with the tap of a button on a smartphone. Need to sound the alarm? Any employee with access can now alert the organization of a security issue immediately without having to run to a fire alarm or security desk.

No matter if it’s a safety or a security risk, an integrated security system provides the efficiency to act swiftly and ultimately improving risk prevention.


Ease of use

Modern security has become an extension of the business rather than a clunky add-on. As individuals, we appreciate and expect ease of use when it comes to our technological systems. Often times this comes in the form of easy-to-use systems integrated through our smartphones where we can access it whenever and wherever we want.

With the help of modern technology businesses now have the ability to easily manage business security with the use of smartphones and integrated computer systems.  


Reduced human dependence

Having security personnel and training your staff about security and safety risks is an important part of protecting a business. However, depending solely on human effort can leave a business vulnerable and can be costly.

With a system that is more easily manageable and less dependent on human resources, it can help businesses reduce the risks of human error and potentially save money in the long run. 


Components of an integrated security system

A business security system is more than surveillance cameras. It should be a way to avoid risks before something happens, manage the risk during the event but also provide evidence that potentially brings resolution to the issue afterwards. That is hard to do with just security cameras or when the various components of a security system are not integrated. 

It’s important to think about all of the components of a business’s security and how they work together to maximize the protection they offer.



A core element to any security system, surveillance provides both a preliminary defense and a risk prevention/recovery element. It can be used to catch events before it happens and to help provide evidence after something has happened. 


Access control

Like an enhanced door lock, access control units can stop unwanted visitors in their tracks. Access control can prevent outsiders from entering unwanted areas and can even keep employees out of areas they don’t belong. Most importantly, it provides a record of who entered and when. 


Intrusion Detection and Alarm Systems

An important part of any security system is the alarm system. Alarms serve the functions of both alerting the business that there is an issue but also deterring criminals. 


Integrating the components together

Every component of a security system serves a purpose. But their ability to protect a business is maximized when integrated together. For instance, a small business owner while at home can be alerted that someone or something has tripped the alarm and then look at the surveillance systems right from their phone. 

Another example is in the event that an access control key fob is stolen. Security can immediately remove access for that particular employee, to prevent intruders from obtaining access. When someone eventually does attempt to access the doors with the key fob, the system will be notified of a failed attempt and the business can use its surveillance systems to identify who the attempt was made by. 

Each component has been a successful tool in protecting businesses for years. Now, businesses have the modern technology to integrate them together for even better protection.


Is it time to replace or update your antiquated security system?

Many businesses operate with old surveillance systems from years back. For some, it gets the job done while others just deal with the antiquated technology. At some point, however, your business must ask whether or not your security systems are adequate for your protection needs.

One of the main reasons one may look to replace their systems is because of key technological advances. A security system from 10 years ago may physically function well, but the surveillance cameras are low-resolution, or the system is clunky and doesn’t integrate with the other components. 

Technology improvements over the years have allowed for remote access and improved viewing capabilities for surveillance cameras. 

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading or modernizing your business’s security systems, you are not alone.

Here are some reasons people consider upgrading their systems

  • For improved resolution on surveillance equipment
  • Better functionality and enhanced features such as the zoom feature on cameras.
  • Remote access abilities and smartphone integrations

If you’re looking to upgrade your systems because you’ve had issues in the past or your business needs improved functionality then it may be time to upgrade. 

Chances are if it has been several years you likely should consider upgrading your commercial security system. It doesn’t mean you necessarily need to change, but it’s worth exploring options to see if you can’t improve your businesses security. 


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