jun 16 - 2022

Considerations for a Commercial Sound System Installation

From mass notification systems to adding background music, every business can benefit from a professionally installed sound system.

Installation of a commercial sound system can improve the customer experience of visitors and adds functional enhancements to a business. Businesses of all types, shapes and sizes can benefit from a commercial sound system. Restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, factories, offices, retail establishments, and nearly any type of business can benefit from some type of sound system installed.

Realistically, any place with a campus or that wants to play sound for their visitors. But, there’s more to it than installing a speaker in your establishment

Commercial Sound System Solutions

Sound system installed at local restaurant

Every business will have its own need for a sound system. From improving the customer experience to providing necessary communications throughout campus, there are many ways businesses can utilize commercial sound systems. 


Music to improve the atmosphere

From retail shops to cafes, background music provides a wonderful atmosphere boost. Subtle tunes can help to provide a welcoming environment and can make things more pleasant for those who are browsing, relaxing or waiting in line. 


Sound masking for peace and quiet

For establishments that need areas of peace and quiet or who want to allow their visitors to have confidential conversations, they should consider sound masking. Sound masking is specifically tuned background noise set to a specific frequency that reduces the noticeability of human speech. In other words, it helps conversations fade into unintelligible background noise.  This makes it harder for other parties to eavesdrop and also limits the distractions of hearing many conversations.


Public notification systems for mass communications

Some businesses require a PA system that can cut through the noise of talking, scuffling and machinery. Whether its for emergency communications or announcements throughout a campus, for many it’s important to have a solution that reaches everyone.


Conferencing equipment for meeting productivity

Sound systems are even important when it comes to modern business needs of an office or boardroom. With video conferencing becoming more and more important, it’s necessary to ensure there is crisp sound, easy controls and quality video for both parties. 

Whether it is for atmospheric purposes or functional reasons, a commercial sound system can help. It’s important, however, to make sure you have the right design and equipment. 


Considerations for Commercial Sound Systems

The purpose of installing a commercial sound system is so your business has a high-quality sound that serves a purpose. You’ve likely been to an amusement park where it’s nearly impossible to hear what the ride operator is saying or you went to a cafe to work and the music was too loud to think. When a sound system is improperly installed it can create a negative experience rather than aid your business. 

In order to achieve a positive experience that benefits your business, it’s important to consider several factors.


The right speakers and the right placement

Having the right speakers placed in the right places ensures that your sound is crisp, uniform and heard the way you intended. When it comes to speakers, there are a number of speaker types and amplifiers to choose from. From small uniformed ceiling speakers to large amps, there’s a number of choices to choose from and a number of ways to place them. Make sure these are carefully planned out for the best sound experience.


Control and connectivity

One important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is how you intend on using the sound system and the technology integrations required to do so. Do you plan on using a smart device, Alexa, a computer or a radio? Most modern sound systems can utilize a number of different technologies, from Bluetooth to auxiliary but it’s important to ensure proper integration before installing the system.


Proper Cabling

Many individuals focus on the sound system equipment but ignore the cabling that goes into it. This is important for several reasons. The first is that you’re dealing with electricity. Anytime you’re dealing with installing electrical devices it’s important to know what you’re doing. Second, proper cabling is important to the sound quality of your system. Thirdly, unorganized and exposed cabling can become an unsightly mess taking away from your business’s aesthetics. 

Every business is going to have different needs for their sound system but the considerations are the same. Planning with these factors in mind will help your business get the most out of your new installation.


Professional Installation and configuration

Professional installing speakers in corner of business

The best sound equipment means nothing if it’s not properly installed and configured. Some business owners choose to save money by purchasing a cheap system and then installing it themselves. While this can potentially save a business hundreds or even a couple of thousand dollars it may lead to a subpar audio experience. Remember, you don’t want a sound system just for the sake of having it, you want to ensure it’s functioning the way you intend it to function.

A professional installer not only knows how to install a commercial sound system but can help in the design process of it. Design is the process of assessing the facility and determining the best equipment for the job, where the equipment should be placed, and how things should be organized for the best application. This leads to high-quality sound that allows your commercial sound system to function the way you intended it to.

As a cabling company, we have had the opportunity to help businesses of all shapes and sizes install sound systems for their own various reasons. If you have questions, are interested in a consultation or want to request a quote let us know. Our team offers both design and installation services and can help your organization with all of its sound needs. 


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