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Network Cable Wiring For Office Relocation

Inadequate cabling can lead to network issues, productivity loss, and additional costs for IT enhancements. Make cabling a priority as you seek to relocate.

Network connectivity is an essential part of doing business. As a business seeks to relocate, it must ensure that the new location’s network cabling is adequately installed for the new business’s operations.

Unfortunately, the infrastructure of older businesses is not always designed to meet the demands of modern-day IT and network needs. Inadequate cabling can lead to network issues, productivity loss, and additional costs for IT enhancements. So even if your business intends to build a brand new building, proper wiring of your network is non-negotiable.

To ensure your new office can handle your operational demands, it’s important to hire a professional cabling company to retrofit the building or install a newly designed structured cabling system.

In this blog post we will provide insights into what you can expect from the cabling project and things to consider. If your business is in the Mid-Atlantic, you can call us directly for support in your network cabling. 


Planning an office relocation

No matter if your business is moving into a new build, or you are moving into an older office building, you should plan for cabling services or connectivity services to ensure your equipment is working as expected. 

As you plan your relocation, consider the following for your cabling.


Plan ahead

The best time for cabling installation is before you move into your new location. This minimizes downtime, causes less operational interference, and can shorten the amount of labor that goes into the project. 

Cabling is often run through walls and ceilings which makes it ideal to install before final furnishings are put into the building. If employees are already working in the office a cabling company can still get the job done, but it may take them longer as they work around your staff and it could cause slight interruptions and potential downtime in daily operations.


Map out equipment and personnel needs

A properly designed structured cabling system is designed with your people and equipment in mind. They are, after all, the ones that require internet access. 

Consider where your people and equipment will be placed and this will help determine the cabling needs. Think about the following: 

  • Office spaces with computers
  • Conference rooms
  • Security systems
  • Systems that rely on direct LAN connection
  • VoIP phone systems
  • Paging systems
  • High-volume copiers and printers

In addition to stationary equipment that requires cabling, consider areas that require strong Wi-Fi networks. Think about the common areas, break rooms, waiting rooms, shared workspaces or other places where people require wireless internet access. 

Knowing this information ahead of time can streamline the process of working with a network cabling company and have your systems up and running sooner.


Consider a wireless site survey

Nearly all cabling companies will perform a wireless site survey as part of their cabling services. Basic wireless surveys are necessary for understanding how to plan WiFi or checking to ensure Wifi networks are working properly after installation. 

A wireless site survey will measure the signal strength and coverage of wireless signals across different areas of your facility. 

If moving into a building with preexisting WiFi infrastructure, you may want to pay for a more in-depth wireless site survey to identify where the wifi signal is strong and if there are any potential dead zones or weak areas. This can help avoid future connectivity issues or help you understand why certain areas tend to be dead zones so that you can have the issues fixed early on into your move.


Consider connectivity across all floors

The building you are relocating into may already have a strong network infrastructure, but is your team prepared to tap into the network themselves? When moving into a new location, it’s necessary for someone to wire the computers, security system, VoIP phone systems, and other systems to the network. 
While this can be done internally, it’s best to hire this service out. A structured cabling company will ensure all equipment is properly installed to your data network in a clean and efficient manner.


Start your Office Relocation Wiring Strategy

Whether your team is already moving in or whether you are still working on plans to build a brand new building from the ground up, you should consider office cabling services for your relocation.  

To ensure connectivity that stands up to your demands, make cabling a priority. No matter where you are in the relocation process, it’s not too early or too late to consult with a cabling company. 

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