may 22 - 2024

Having Your Office Equipment Installed By A Computer Network Installation Company

Moving into a new space or renovating the office has a long list of challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the reinstallation of your office equipment and network systems. Installing your computers and phone systems is an obvious must for doing business, but your organization has to determine the best option in doing so. 

Will you have your internal staff install their equipment? Do you have an IT team who is dedicated to the task? Or will you hire a professional company to install the equipment for you?

Because you are reading this, you’re likely looking for a company to work with. If your business is located in Maryland, DC, Southern PA or Northern Virginia, and you want to speak with a company directly, then give us a call. 

If you are looking for additional information then continue reading. Below, we have provided all the information you need to know about hiring a company to install your office equipment.


What type of equipment can be installed?

The first and most important thing you need to know is the type of equipment that a network cabling company can install. 

A network cabling company can assist with installing numerous office equipment, specifically, those requiring cabling or integration with the network infrastructure. To provide you with an idea, we have listed some pieces of office equipment you might hire a network cabling company to install including:

1. Computers and Workstations: As the workhorse of your organization, computers and workstations must be properly connected and configured to the wireless network with a strong connection. If your employees have large open workstations that enable them to move around, then the wireless signal must be tested everywhere to ensure no future interruptions. 

2. Printers, Scanners and Network Storage Devices: Whether your office employs centralized or local printing, it’s important that the equipment is properly installed to ensure smooth operation. Offices that utilize network-driven printing and storage equipment must also ensure proper configuration for each workstation or computer so that employees can work without frustration or printing bottlenecks.

3. VoIP Phones: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones require network connectivity for communication. Each phone system will require installation and configuration  to ensure they are properly connected to the network and function properly. 

4. Wireless Access Points (WAPs): Installing wireless access points involves mounting them in optimal locations within the office space and configuring them to provide adequate coverage and performance. This requires expert knowledge to understand the ideal places to install them and then testing to ensure there are no dead zones in wireless coverage.

5. IP Cameras and Security Systems: IP cameras and security systems often require network connectivity for remote monitoring and management. Not only can a network cabling company configure these devices into the network infrastructure but they can install them in the optimal places if not currently installed. 

6. Conference Room Equipment: Audio-visual equipment such as projectors, screens, speakers, microphones and computer equipment to run the conference room can all be installed and integrated by a network cabling company. If these devices require network connectivity for content sharing and remote collaboration it can also be configured and tested during the installation process. 

7. Digital Signage Displays: Digital signage is an example of office equipment that many organizations do not think about. But, like VoIP phones or computers, these devices need to be installed and then connected to the network for remote content management. 

If your office equipment has cables or requires network connectivity, then a network cabling company can do the job. Best of all they can help configure and test connectivity so that your staff can experience seamless operations the moment they step into the office. 


An Example Case Study

Consider a business incubator that recently renovated its office spaces. They needed a robust network set up to handle the constantly changing daily operations, which included heavy data usage and secure communications. Each office space and work area needs to have a strong wifi connection and independent equipment unique to that particular space. As workers and businesses pay good money to utilize the space, they will need to offer seamless connectivity and equipment functionality. 

Here is an example implementation process of how a computer network installation company would handle the job.

Initial Site Survey: The cabling company needs to conduct a thorough site survey to understand the layout and specific needs. This will help to identify the optimal placement of equipment, WiFi access points, cabling, etc. 

Custom Planning: A tailored plan would then be developed, specifying everything for the job including placements, the types and lengths of cables required, and any additional equipment or hardware needed. 

Installation: During the installation technicians will install high-quality cables throughout the office, connecting all computers, VoIP phones, printers, and other network devices. They will also structure and organize the cables to keep the area tidy but also to make future maintenance or upgrades more efficient.  

Testing: Once installation is complete the equipment and connection will be tested for performance and reliability. This is important in identifying areas with weak signals or dead zones so the issues can be resolved. 

The result of this process would ensure that all necessary equipment is properly installed and guests would have minimal issues utilizing the space for its intended purposes. 

Whether it is a business incubator, college campus, law-firm, or a new manufacturing facility, a network cabling company can help organizations plan, install, and test the network connectivity of their office equipment.


Is it worth the investment to hire a company to install your equipment?

Hiring a network cabling company depends on your budget, timeline, and the complexity of your network infrastructure. Some companies don’t have an option when it comes to hiring a third party to perform this type of job. For those that do, they need to compare their internal resources with the investment of hiring the job out. 

Does your organization have the capacity to do the job? Will this process take away from the other job duties that need to be performed by your team? Is it important to ensure proper installation for all devices?

If you value reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind, investing in professional installation is a good decision. 

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