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Network Cabling Services in Pennsylvania

Over the past thirty years, SYSTCOM has built its reputation on installing, documenting, and maintaining structured cabling systems in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region.

What is network cabling?

Modern businesses place more demands on their IT infrastructure than ever before. You and your employees depend on technology like video conferencing, high fidelity audio, and fast connectivity to perform their day-to-day tasks - and impress clients!

Network cabling is the installation and organization of a wired infrastructure. When your business network cabling is well-organized and standardized, it’s easy to streamline, maintain, scale, optimize and upgrade all your other information technology systems.  

In many ways, network cabling services are the backbone of any business that wants to use modern technologies to its advantage. Most network cabling setups include pair and optical cabling, patch panels and cables, telecommunications, horizontal and infrastructure cabling – all cleverly concealed and hidden from sight.  


Organized and structured network cables


Network cabling solutions we offer

SYSTCOM offers a wide range of cabling solutions, each tailored to meet different technical and budgetary requirements specific to your business needs. Our highly trained technicians have experience in virtually every type of working environment: corporate, medical, education, industrial, and retail.

Some of the cutting-edge business network cabling services we offer include:

  • Audio/Visual cabling

  • Coaxial cabling

  • Data network cabling

  • Ethernet cabling

  • Fiber optic cabling

  • Low voltage cabling

  • Paging systems

  • Patch panel termination

  • Security access control systems

  • Structured cabling design & installation

  • Surveillance camera systems

  • Telecommunications and VoIP cabling

  • Wireless LAN solutions

  • WLAN network installation

No matter how big or small your network or technology system, the proper cable installation is a crucial foundation to achieving excellent performance.  

Just like the human body’s nervous system, business network cabling transfers information throughout your organization. The more efficiently it does so, the faster your business can react – and the more adaptable and competitive it becomes! 


Why SYSTCOM for your cabling needs?

Whatever your structured cabling requirements, SYSTCOM provides solutions that come with extensive warranties, and are capable of outperforming any other in the marketplace. 

From large cable plants for extensive corporate or campus requirements to minor additions and improvements for small businesses, we find genuine satisfaction in ensuring your installation is completed to your specifications. We work only with the top industry partners and most respected cabling brands on the market and employ some of the most thoroughly trained technicians in the industry. With SYSTCOM, you can rest assured that your network will deliver exceptional performance that helps your business thrive.

Get in touch now for an assessment of your current business network infrastructure, and discover the possibilities! 


Network Cabling Services in Pennsylvania

Our office is located in Curtis Bay, MD allowing us to serve businesses in  Maryland, Pennsylvania and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic. 

So, whether you are looking to troubleshoot current network issues, upgrade to fiber cabling, or other network and wiring services, then we have you covered. Give us a call and schedule your appointment. 


The Benefits of Efficient Business Network Cabling

  • Cost-effective and Flexible  

When it comes to technology, change really is the only constant! Investing in a solid business network cabling system cuts your future costs dramatically, as additions and changes can be quickly, easily, and cheaply implemented. 

  • Enhanced Communication, Collaboration, and Productivity  

Since the primary function of structured cabling is to improve the flow of information, it’s easy to see how both internal and external communication can be vastly improved. Colleagues can collaborate as never before, and keep customers happy and in the loop effortlessly. All this adds up to a more productive, efficient, and resilient business.    

  • Improved Security 

The growing risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks means it’s never been more crucial to keep all the programs, systems, and applications your company relies on up to date at all times. Without adequate structured cabling solutions, major updates can cause your entire network to lag. With the right business network cabling in place, however, you won’t even notice they’re happening! Your business and customer data stays safe at all times, without your productivity taking a dip.

  • Neat and Clutter-free 

As passionate as we are about network cabling, we understand that you’d prefer to keep it out of sight! We specialize in neat, hidden structured cabling solutions which don’t interfere with your premise’s aesthetics, while still being easy enough to access should repairs ever become necessary. 

  • Adaptable, Lasting, Low-maintenance value     

Correctly installed, quality business network cabling can last for up to 20 years! For this reason, we always take care to design our cabling solutions with the future in mind, so you get the maximum return on your investment, and can easily add on additional functions and features as they become available. In addition, SYSTCOM’s structured cabling solutions are also extremely easy to manage and maintain. 




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